ONE Project proposes an innovative approach to presenting and perceiving art, championing and researching the notion of Slow Art. We believe in the idea of a gallery as an experience rather than just a place. The main aim of our practise is to focus the audience’s attention on only ONE work of art and encourage contemplation, building a deeper relationship between the artwork and the audience and explore new ways of seeing. ONE Project was founded by Magdalena Zoledz and Marta Grabowska in 2018, London.

ONE Project is led by an artist and researcher Magdalena Zoledz (www). She focuses in her artistic and theoretical practice mainly on the concept of post-photography. She works with text, photography, experimental video and object. In her research, she deals with the evolution of digital images often referring to posthumanism. In 2017 started a PhD programme in photography at University of Arts in Poznan and between 2018-2019 was a visiting research student at Slade School of Fine Art in London, researching the idea of exhibition a singular image in post-photographic age. She believes in the power of the meditative aspect of art.

Elena-Andreea Teleaga, “No return To comfort zone”, part of the Slow Art Day, organized by Marta Grabowska & Magdalena Zoledz, Walthamstow, London 2020︎︎︎.
Magdalena Zoledz, “...When the Internet Was Slow”, Slade School of Fine Art, part of Slade Degree Show, London 2019︎︎︎.
Izabela Jastrzebska, “Scarlet House”, 971620 Gallery, Luton 2018︎︎︎.

Magdalena Zoledz & Tomasz Litra, “You Are Only an Image to Me”, curated by Marta Grabowska, San Mei Gallery, London 2018︎︎︎.

“Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally”, ZIP exhibition, curated by Francesco Imola & Magdalena Zoledz, 2020︎︎︎.
“I Have No Idea How We Grew Up”, Corridor Exhibition vol. 5, North London Maker's Market, London 2020︎︎︎.
“ONE Project Messe 2020”, curated by Marta Grabowska & Magdalena Zoledz, Secret Location (North London), 2020︎︎︎.
“Saturday Crit”, organized by Marta Grabowska & Magdalena Zoledz, Walthamstow, London 2019︎︎︎.
“Sharing Borders”, Sharing Borders Conference, Slade School of Fine Art,  UCL, London 2019︎︎︎.

Marta Grabowska: “The Art of Slow Looking”, part of Slow Art Day, online, 2020︎︎︎.
Magdalena Zoledz: “You Are Only an Image to Me”, FAST FORWARD 2: WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY, Slade Research Center, UCL, London 2018︎︎︎.
Marta Grabowska: “Independent curating. What is it all about?”, artBLAB, Poetry Café, London 2019︎︎︎.

ONE Book Residency, virtual event, 2020︎︎︎.
ONE Book Residency, invited artist: Tasneem Lohani, London 2020︎︎︎.
ONE Project Residency, invited artist: Saskia Rodriguez, London 2020︎︎︎.

Marta Grabowska & Magdalena Zoledz, “#onequestionmark”, River Lea Canal, London 2018.