Jan Fairbairn-EdwardsMarta Normington, Annie KingNiamh Seana MeehanLauren SaundersJane Pickersgil, Archontoula Tsatsoulaki

16-18 MAY 2020
virtual workshops led by Magdalena Zoledz and Marta Grabowska

The main goal of the ONE Book Residency is creating a tranquil, offline space for a particular period of time for artists who want to immerse solely in the activity of reading one theoretical or philosophical book. The project is referring to the times we live in that are full of distractions and related to the unattainable chase for Internet content and visual overflow everywhere. We know how hard it is to stay focused.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and social-distancing regulations, we have decided to move the second edition of ONE BOOK Residency program online, and to shift its focus from the individual experience to the communal practice. We believe that creating the opportunity to concentrate will be helpful in forging a deeper relationship with the selected text, making your life during the lockdown period more stimulating, as well as diverting your attention from disquieting news.

The aim of the open call was to create a group of people with diverse theoretical or/and artistic backgrounds. The online residency took 3 days and ended with a discussion. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we asked participants to spend the residency period at their own homes, but we offered a guidance and tips on how to best use given time. Participants were not required to create any artwork. During this residency programme we were be reading “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger.

Visit Lauren Saunders' blog ︎︎︎ to read a text about the residency.