Agnieszka AntkowiakAlan Ashworth Muño, Cyrus HungEdith MeijeringGioele Pomant, Hello the MushroomHolly BuckleI-Chien Tang, Ignorance ClothingMalw MielOana StanciuYein Son, Zula Rabikowska280A

Group show

Secret location, North London
We will send you location one hour before the event
curated by Magdalena Zoledz & Marta Grabowska
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In the centenary of First International Dada-Messe held in Berlin in 1920, and to celebrate our third birthday, we decided to curate an art event that is equally avant-garde and that constitutes an affirmation of our very own ONE Project Manifesto that champions the values of the Slow Art Movement.

We invited 13 international artists and 1 collective to collaborate with us and create their own response to the ideas we promote in our praxis. Each of the artists submitted one artwork, some of them were site specific, generated especially for the show and others were selected from the artists’ oeuvres as a representation of their understanding of a total work of art. We resigned from the traditional curatorial practices, that have a potential of over-ideologizing the artwork and fabricating their meaning to fit within the context of an exhibition. That is why the works were not connected by the linear narrative.

ONE Project Messe 2020 took place in a secret location in North London. Through showcasing the artworks in the non-gallery setting we are challenging the white cube ideas of art exhibiting. Each of the artworks were exhibited in a separate space functioning as an individual exhibition. We wanted to offer a different way of exhibiting and looking at artworks in a setting that enables artists to freely create and showcase their artworks and audiences to access them in a new context. We cultivate the idea of a gallery as an experience, a space to exchange thoughts and experiences, where new collaborations are formed.

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The opening was a list-based event, to create an intimate meeting between artists, their artwork and our guests. We believe that led to establishing a more meaningful dialogue between art and its audiences; allowing for time and space to contemplate, focus and encourage new ways of seeing and experiencing art.

ONE Project Messe 2020, GIF from the exhibition, 2020.

Selected artworks and artists’ statements:

Yein Son, Musings Into Membrane Between, ink on fabric, 2020.

My process-led project is an investigation into the physical analogies of skin to surface layers and materiality. The concept of ‘membranes’ inspires my making; I am interested in exploring spatial possibilities in multi-layered painting. So I have tested diverse materials for their degrees of transparency and how permeable they are to water, using various techniques from pencil strokes to watercolour fills. I have pursued other possibilities of how these different processes impact on the haptic quality. This method enables a more flexible approach, with the possibility of inserting images such as figure, form, and textures on, within and underneath the surface layers. In my understanding, I associate ‘muted’ expression with musing and contemplation that is also a critical factor in painting for exploring the symbolic aspects of multi-layered way: seeing above, through, and below the surface (three in one).

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Holly Buckle, Queer Time, Queer Space (Bayswater sit in, sexual offences act turns 25), multimedia installation, various sizes, 2020. Click here to listen to the audio and read more about the project.

Created especially for the purpose of the show, this new work is site specific. This work by Holly Buckle, signals the beginning of a long term audio archiving collaboration with sound artist Sarah Nicol, as well as a reworking of archive imagery and the creation of new sculptural works. This one work gives an intimate account of queer experience through audio and visual elements. This work aims to bring about history of queer experience reframed to access them in a new context. Beyond simple pleasures of consumption of imagery. Revisiting resistance to inform resistance today.

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Gioele Pomante, MI MANCHERAI PER SEMPRE (I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER), single channel video, 2:30 minutes, 2019.

I have a memory of something and sometimes this memory is so vivid, I can almost smell it and touch it... but it is only alive inside me. The reconciliation with impossibility to physically enter your memories is hard to accept and it is harder to let things go. My piece is an evocation of the greatest tragedy of human existence and irreversibility of time. But memory is also an act of life, the necessity of reality and at the same time the sign of freedom. It is a tragicomic commentary on life.

I like the ideas behind ONE Project manifesto, I find it very interesting, that by showing ONE artwork you allow for more space and existence of a kind of a ‘physical’ contact between artwork and the audience. This helps to break the ‘wall’ between the artwork and the spectator.

Leonard Acorn, Ignorance Clothing, jumper, 2020.

Design of Ignorance Clothing is inspired by parts of the city only frequented by homeless people, drug addicts and young people that get lost in information overload of modern times, that venture out of the beaten track of the city scape.

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280A, Vacant Dream State, publication, edition 200, 2019. Click here to read more.

Located on a green island covered by palm trees in the middle of the ocean, a group of artists tries to digitally archive its flora, fauna, and all its physical and metaphysical content in various medias. By constructing and collecting material on this island, they lose themselves in a fragmented narration which forms the non-linear reading of this collection. A link system in the book guides the reader through various possible story lines. The texts and image entries are an approach to define the island and all its (digital) content.

The complex story is extended by an augmented video story, told in eight chapters. It allow the readers to get closer insights into the idea of constructing and re-constructing nature, identity and reality within the island’s own organism. At the end of the book - in case there is one - one is left behind with the question wether or not we are surrounded by something called real natural environment or if we are already living in our own simulations (280a.org).

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Cyrus Hung, Antony Gormley ‘Breaking Bread’ MV, single channel video, 3.44 minutes, 2019.

The artist has created a rap version of Antony Gormley's words in the interview, resulting in a playful skit that verges upon the grey area between mockery and praise, and as he remarked : ‘Who else, other than the great Sir Antony Gormley OBE - world revered, critically acclaimed, legendary and iconic British sculptor, could ever speak about sliced bread with such passion, romance and eloquence? At the wise age of 69, he’d be my perfect dinner date.

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I-Chien Tang, En Masse – Practice of Togetherness, installation and performance, 2019.


Visiting an exhibition is often associated with active, involved or contemplative behavior. It suggests an intellectual trigger and the viewer consistently confronts a subject of much speculation. Within this hour or two, tangible or intangible information and images in the exhibition are fluidly archived in our mind and body, letting the senses fall to the new ground that did not exist before. This narrative actively runs forward and is usually very short and not very prepared.

Learning activities, the process of receiving and integrating date is what Foucault calls the ‘subjectivation’ of knowledge. During the time we learn to concentrate on the fragment, to meditate on it and to commit its truth to memory. This exhibition investigates how our bodies generate new relational structures, forms a self-education, personal development and political consciousness when we visit an exhibition in a contemporary art world. It includes twenty press release and visual materials from contemporary gallery exhibitions took place in 2014, six years ago. Visitors are invited to pick one of the press releases and to ask any questions to the artist who visited all those twenty exhibitions by that time.

Taking the experience itself as working material, conversations between the audience and the artist is the key, echoing the manifesto of the ONE Messe Project. As opposed to a formal detailed information, this approach highlights the embodied messages that privileges the importance of experience, of experimentation, and of testing. The present is then opened up to a critical reflection and the self becomes a site of knowledge which is put into a practice of constitution and transformation.

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