collaboration with aurelia
January 2022
London (location tbc) & stream
link to the fb event ︎︎︎

DEADLINE: the 20th of November 2021

aurelia[link] and ONE Project represented by Magda Zoledz[link] invite you to submit rushes: sounds, images, videos and texts circling the idea of proxy. the potentiality of the raw content will be articulated in a remix allowing aurelia to become the organless proxy of riddled understandings of the term.

materials submitted will be aggregated into aurelia’s counter_archive where residues and byproducts of the archival process will be mutated into a tentacled corpus, giving body to exercises in moving image, broadcast and other iterations of proxy.

this call is open to everyone. please submit your proxy rushes via wetransfer to aureliacooperative@gmail.com.

fine print:
by submitting content, you are consenting to any modifications to the source material. your submission will be a performative giving up of consent and ownership of materials.

the broadcasting event will take place in London (exact location tbc) and available via stream online.

for more information or questions please visit aureliacooperative.com or contact us via email.

is a collective platform for arts practitioners to share skills and research. in the early stages the focus will be on building a co-op structure online based on an earlier vision of web 1.0 with further developments including workshops, screening projects, inter-medial archives building up research into funding bodies which can be used as a tool for artists to make informed decisions about affiliations and responsible making [link].

1proxy: at first referencing the internet term of bypassing the official route; however opening up the definition to think about the idea of bypass in itself, the position of the interculotor, the translator, the interface, the surrogate. we are asking what it means to be the mediator of ideas and how to use these tactics of the intermediary to communicate and form social bodies.