Izabela Jastrzebska
Solo show

14-30 SEP 2018
971620 Gallery
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When I started working on the project, I didn’t realize how much of a negative impact it would have on my mental health. I haven’t realized how heavy and powerful this colour is. I was a different person then, but during the process my mood dropped significantly. I had headaches more often, everything around irritated me a lot more and I slept a lot during the day. I started to hate this colour, and I couldn’t wait when it’s all over. This was a difficult experience to my body and my well-being. During the first month of creation of the red room I didn’t leave my flat at all. I wanted to associate only with my red installation, I was trying to elicit as many memories as I could. I was looking for an answer, like you do. Why red? But there are so many possible answers. Have I watched an episode of Twin Peaks a night before this dream came to me? Have I maybe seen the red dress in the shop window? Or maybe I have cut my finger and I saw blood. One thing I know, is that we have no influence over colours. It is they, that influence us. I want you to feel uncomfortable, the way I felt when I inhabited the red room. I want you to feel crushed as I did and to understand that the colour red is a queen and you are the subject.

Iza Jastrzębska (@) was born in 1987 and grew up in a small, north - eastern Polish city, living in a block of flats. She graduated from photography (BA) at University of Arts in Poznan, Poland and has an engineer degree (BEng) from University of Life Sciences in Poznan, Poland. Iza works mainly with the medium of photography but is in love with the smell of paper. That’s why sometimes, she creates art books as well. She tries to determine human’s destructive impact on the surrounding them environment and on each other. Her interest lies between the concepts of posthumanism, surrealism and utopian ideas. Incidentally, she translates all her thoughts and artworks onto the ideas of death, disappearance, time, memories, dreams and imperfections of human nature. Currently, she lives and creates in Luton and London.

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