Online Collection

HOW ARE YOU is an online collection based on materials sent by ONE Project community & friends sharing how they feel during the ongoing pandemic.

We all found ourselves in a completely extraordinary situation, we did not anticipate. How did we respond to this crisis as artists, and how do we feel in this new context?

Every day, due to the restrictions and lack of stimuli that we face, as well as a complete shortfall of knowledge about how long this is going to last, we are in desperate need of experimentation, inspiration and reassurance.

We asked artists to contribute with thoughts, ideas, and words of encouragement to our ONE Project community. This can be art and non–art, basic or extraordinary activity, a thought, an idea crossing through your mind, new fear of the way of behaviour you found within yourself, the lack of special findings caused by the situation.

Yein Son, Tom Hadfield, Tasneem Lohani, Szilvia Bolla, Saskia Rodríguez, Sandra Araujo, Paulina Jolda, Patryk Rozycki, Pallavi Majumder, Nuoran Zhang, Niamh Meehan, Nayoung Jeong, Monica Meyer, Mátyás Fusz, Malv Miel, Leonard Acorn, Julia Walkowiak, Iza Jastrzębska, I-Chien Tang, Francesco Imola, Fiorella Angelini, Eva Kraljic & Antoine DeVillet & Nel Gevers, Edith Meijering, Damian Wu, Cyrus Hung, Christina Ioannidou, Andreea Ionascu, Aki Poon, Elena-Andreea Teleaga, Zula Rubikowska, No Room Collection, Aitan Ebrahimoff, CURA, Kinga Swietek, Jane Pickersgill-Gardner


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Selected contributions:

Aitan Ebrahimoff, KABK_MANCHINE, video, 2020.

I-Chien Tang, an essay [link], I want to discuss the level of focus and awareness when participating in art events online during Covid time as opposed to watching a performance in a theatre as a lived experience, 2020.

Eva Kraljic, Gasps in Fountains, compilation of sounds of water within and without the human body, 2019. Contributors: Eva Kraljic, Antoine DeVillet, Nel Gevers

Patryk Rozycki, How Does Patryk Work, from the series Emotional Sculptures of the Self, photographic documentation of ephemeral action in the installation The House of the Talking Heart, 2020.

Pallavi Majumder, Emptiness, In & Out, video 9’44”, 2020.

Saskind also a song by Helado Negro, a group she randomly discover during lockdown:

Malv Miel, A drawing from Two Weeks Ago, 2020.

Nuoran Zhang, Tongue, poetry (video + text), 3’29’’, 2020.

Niamh Seana Meehan, an image taken from inside her notebook, 2020.

CURA, My Life Is a Musical, video, 2021.

Francesco Imola, I Fell in Love with my Living Room, 2020.

No Room Collection ︎︎︎link. In the face of the changes happening on Earth the group of artists creates a collection definition that what is humane.

Yein Son, EGO, mixed media, 2020.

Damian Wu, A Flower, 2020.

Julka Walkowiak, Octopus Manifesto, video, 2020.

Izabela Jastrzebska, I Hate This City, 2020.